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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chillout in Egypt

If you managed to read my previous post about Egypt, you are probably expecting stories of us jumping on alligators or something like this. I'm not going to lie ... during the second part of our trip, we finally did manage to chill out.

Except, of course, for our trip to Cairo, which was ... you know ... wake up at 2 am, travel one hundred hours ... that kind of stuff. But this was basically the main reason of the whole Egypt trip, at least from my point of view, as I've always been fascinated with the pyramids and have wanted to see them live. First contact was pretty darn impressive...

From within the city, you can see them far off in the distance ... reigning on the horizon over the landscape of what seems to be a far more primitive culture ... It is then, when placed against the crowded but crippled Cairo skyline, that you can truly understand how only GREAT things are meant to last.

We did take our share of beautiful photos with the pyramids, so here are a couple of my favourites.

We even entered the medium one. It was small, crowded, and claustrophobic.

Next up was the Sphinx, which was remarkably pretty as well. Some pretty photos followed ...

It was a tiresome day, but it was definitely worth it.

For the rest couple of days, there were no more one day long trips, no crazy hopping around on alligators ... It was just amazing food, great sun, delicious orange juice and a swimming pool ...

... and Andreea jumping around

... and a couple of crazy tuc-tucs

.... oh, and a crazy cat.

And then, as another journey ended, a new one began ...

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