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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fishie Fishie 3D

Although I was planning on blogging about cheese and wine, I am compelled to interrupt this broadcast in order to share a mind bending neuron vaporizing experience. I can say for sure we have a winner. And when I say winner I mean that somebody should give this man the Nobel prize for film making... or something making at least. What I am blabbering about  you ask? This:

Can you read that? Sea, Sex and Blood. That's exactly what this movie has. Actually, I tried counting if there are more 3D piranhas in the movie than naked 3D boobies and I can't say between the two who is the looser, but I know for sure I am the winner. Make no mistake, this is the glory moment of the underwater naked 3D boobie. So ...piranhas ... boobies ... I am surely missing something ... oh yeah ... gottit! BLOOD. You can be darn heck sure there will be blood ... tons of blood ... Which almost made me throw up at some point, but I'm just a woosie so don't let that bother you.
However what really really makes this a winner, is the scene where you get to see Mr. Johnson floating around and almost getting eaten by the fishies and then a couple of sillicon implants going about in the background. It's a moment of pure 3D history in the making. Nobel prize, baby, N O B E L P R I Z E !!!

Now seriously, you'd have to be an imbecille to pay money to see this ... or you'd have to like sea, sex and blood ...