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Friday, October 30, 2015

Facebook ... Fun ...?

No judgement or offence, but some things or Facebook are just ridiculous ... I wonder what my animal spirit color was 3 lives ago ... probably Pink ... most probably Pink ...

Monday, October 26, 2015

Cast Away on Mars

A short while after Ridley Scott released his amazingly idiotic Prometheus upon us, a non-SF director dared to put out a simple yet precisely one billion times better movie called Gravity. I can only guess that when he saw it Scott facepalmed hard and thought to himself that this is the kind of movie he actually wanted to make ... a good one ... where intelligent characters manage to make something out of nothing ... in space. And two years later here it is ... sort of...

So, what do you need to survive on Mars? Well ... take one man and a sufficient quantity of well preserved poop and apparently anything is possible ... It's all very scientific, at least the calculation or poop per potato ratio. And you will apparently need disco music ... though I must admit I was close to loosing it after a few 80s hits. But not our man, he was relentless, unflinching in the face of overwhelming odds and the most annoying music of all time. What I am trying to say is that Tom Hanks was a wuss in 'Cast Away' ... he had the beach, the jungle, water, air, Wilson ... and he still lost it. Americans are much tougher these days ... they can launch themselves in outer space in a convertible, they can go to Mars and back and back to Mars and back without the slightest hesitation ... I'm guessing it's ... the Valium?

So yea, The Martian ... better than Prometheus...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Star Wars ... Old Feelings Awaken

The new trailer for the new Star Wars is out, and before you do anything else, you need to watch it (again), even if you have already seen it (multiple numerous times...)

If something can be said for certain about this film, it's that it will make grown men weep like babies. Nothing will stand in the way of your feelings when you will see Han and Chewie on screen. There will be stories about grown man crying in theaters. It will be true, all of it. The cheers, the tears, they will be real. No need to be ashamed, just let them out...

P.S. I just bought tickets for the 16th ... oh YEAH!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Kinda like Batman (and Robin)

Do you know how in 'The Dark Knight Rises' Batman just comes out of retirement and kicks ass? No blabbering about what he's been up to for the last 8 (?) years, no witty lines, no apologies, he's just back ... and kicks ass. Well, I'm not quite Batman yet, so here goes:

Dear blog,

I'm sorry that I've neglected you for the past year or so, I have a confession to make. It seems I have been living ... two lives. By day, I was me ... genius, famous blogger and working for a respectable software company. By night, I have tried to impersonate a well known public figure and one of my idols who goes by the name of Batman. As any respectable Batman should, I needed a Batcave to park my Batmobile, store my arsenal and hone my non-lethal but highly efficient Karate chops.

I used to wonder if Bruce Wayne painted the walls of the cave himself, but it is now very clear to me that he made his Batcave by throwing money at various highly qualified and apparently very discreet or very stupid contractors. Unfortunately, not being a zillionaire, I had no choice but to take on part of the work myself, and while the task was tough, I had my most trusted Robin sidekick at my side. And, surprisingly enough for everyone including ourselves ... we ... kinda made it.

So the time has come, fear not! I shall be springing back into action in full force, full speed ahead! Into battle (?) we go!

The long wait is over and I am .. uhm ready ... I guess ... kinda like Batman.