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Thursday, December 29, 2016

The End of 2016

Yes, my friends, as difficult as it might seem to believe, 2016 is almost over and most will agree it will not be missed. After all, between the war in Syria, Trump paving the way for president Camacho's reign of awesomeness, the British people deciding they want to live in the 19th century and the death of basically all celebrities this has been a terrible year. It is in these moments that I like to remember a movie that I would like to recommend as a motivational piece for times like these. It is called Perfect Sense, and you should be able to download it from the internet like all the other movies you are watching at home. Because, as bad as things might seem now, they can always get worse and, yes, I am really trying hard to boost your morale over here. What I'm getting at is that really when you think about it we could all be blind right now ... and deaf ... I know, right?! But seriously, as bad as things might seem from time to time, life must move forward, and it will find a way to do so, so here is my post to celebrate life as it has continued in 2016. Brace yourselves, the time has come for:

2016 Scullder's Awards

I know I've been rather quiet on my blog, but despite appearances, I assure you this year has been far FAR from boring. The travelling, movie-going, gaming and petrol heading has continued and here are my findings:

2016 Best Travel Location - The Amazonian Jungle

Ever been there? No? Go ... like ...now! There is life there like no other place I have seen. And I don't jkust mean the cute monkeys and jungle animals running around. The whole thing is just alive and it has so many layers and the trees move and the river flow changes almost every year (now you have a lake, 10 years from now it's gone and it's a forest)... it was really an incredible experience. Oh, yeah, and our accommodation was not too shabby either...

And since you're in the area, take the time to visit Peru, it is full of incredible places to visit such as Machu Pichu, but just so you know the food alone is worth it.