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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Movies of 2008 - Best

And now, the final prize for the year...

Best Movie of 2008

... it's been a long discussion between me, myself and I, the runner up being (of course) Joker Begins, or The Dark Knight, as the producers mis-promoted it. I didn't get to write a review on Joker Begins, but what mainly bothered me there is that Batman is a freaking woos. Joker upstages him in every possible department. The story itself is about the Joker, and it's pretty darn good one if you can look at it like that, but what I wanted was to go to the theater and watch BATMAN (as in NOT Joker) kick everyone's asses all over the place. I was disappointed...

So, here it is:

... because the main character doesn't come through like a woos and KILLS the bad guys when they pull a gun at him (eat it, Batman... nia nia nia, I'm not gonna kill you, even though you are a murdering terrorist)
... because of the astounding ending (loved that)
... because his costume is waaaay cooler than Batman's (just click on that pic)
... because it gave me hope that comic book movies really can be cool and bright, not just dark and slow
... because it did what I wanted it to do, it ENTERTAINED me in a positive way

Movies of 2008 - Worst

To get this over with, we have an absolutely clear winner in the following category, although not a movie made in 2008, I've only got to taste this masterpiece of crappiness this year.

Worst Movie of 2008

... and you can read all about it here. As it is mentioned there I consider it to be the worst movie I've seen in my life.

Travel of 2008

Well, although the trip to Venice was very very nice, there is a very clear winner in this category ....
Best Travel we had Year
Folegandros! Wheeee! You can look that up, it's an absolutely beautiful place...

Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Games of 2008

Yes, yes, after reading this post some may say I'm about three years late, but, still, these are my choices for 2008 since I only got to play them now ... here goes:

Best Game I played this Year

... because it's the best looking game I've ever played
... because it actually has a storyline
... because it doesn't need a pair of boobies to be cool (eat it, Tomb Raider)
... because Drake can bring a knife to a gunfight
... because it happy ends

Worst Game Demo I played this Year

... because it's probably the worst looking car game I've ever played
... because it tries to use a huge amount of boobies to be cool
... because it fails to be cool although it uses a huge amount of boobies
... because drifting type events are a sad joke
... because wannabe prepubescent race boys most probably bought it

Cars of 2008

My Car of Choice

... because it freaks me out every time I look at it
... because it has 2 seats and it would be the perfect family car for me and my lovey :)
... because it's built by a bike manufacturer, and that makes it as cool as a bike
... because it goes to warp speed faster than the Enterprise

My Car of Choice if It would be The Last Car on Earth

... because you should never announce a facelift as a new model
... because it uses recycled tail lights from the Touareg
... because it's as boring as ... uhm ... as ... darn ... I can't think of anything as boring as this car ...

Awards Time !!!

Apparently, this time of the year is very popular for awards... Best car, best game, best toothpaste... So, naturally, I thought I should have some awards of my own. I don't know about toothpaste, but I thought I should name the following categories:
- Best Travel Of The Year
- Best Movie I've Seen This Year
- Best Game I played This Year
- My 2008 Car Of Choice

... and since I like it:
- Worst Movie I've Seen This Year
- Worst Game I played This Year
- Worst Car Of The Year

I can feel the tension rising ...

Sorry bout the pic, I couldn't find anything appropriate ...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

His Body is, His Body does!

I can't explain it any other way ... the ending of the movie, that is ... I believe Klaatu fell prisoner of his humane body and started using his Body's brain ... his Body's other brain that is ... or at least his Body did ... Because the only "another side" of human beings I get in the end is the one that tries to blow Klaatu's spaceship to smithereens.
He was: You just tried to blow up my ship. I was right, you should die...
His Body was: Damn, this chick is fiiiine with a capital F. Stop those darn metallic insects and let's get busy!
His Body won... or not, because his Body died ... but HE didn't ... did he?

Here is an unreleased schene they cut out from the discussion with the old man at McDonald's:
Old man: You imbecile! You just stole my last McHuge tripple cheese burger from me...
Klaatu: My Body did...
Old man: You're kinda stupid...
Klaatu: My Body is...
Old man: What was I saying? Ah, yes ... There is another side to them ... they make massive yummy greasy burgers!
Klaatu: Yes, now I see ... there IS another side to them...
Klaatu's Body: Damn, this burger is fiiiine with a capital F. Stop those darn metallic insects and let's get busy!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Final Fantasy Chops Suey!

Enough with the house music ... and manga rocks too...

rrrrround the worrrrrrld

I just though I should turn up my headphones ... there's no video so don't wait for it ...

Maximum Pain

See that face in the lower part of the poster right there? That's me after seeing this movie and thinking how I finished the game in almost 2 non stop playing because it was too darn fun to stop days. The movie lacked in action in a big way. There were 2 scenes with shooting ... I think ... what the heck?

What realy ruined this for me was the female character ... again.

Take a look for yourself:

Game ... not bimbo.

Movie ... megabimbo.

Darn, was kinda hoping this would be cool...

Quantum of Bollocks

Heck, it's not real bollocks, but compared to Casino it wasn't quite the movie I expected. We get a whole lotta action, running, gunning, chasing, flying, shooting and fighting. But there is no Bond in there. No Bond whatsoever ...

What really ruined it for me was that Kurilenko chick. For starters, she can't really act that well.
And there's another thing that's getting ridiculous ... In how many more movies will she appear where men will refuse to do that dirty 'it' with her? And it's not like she doesn't try. Hitman, ok, the guy is a killing maniac which just doesn't do 'it'. Max Payne, we can let slip by, with him being all troubled about the whole situation and her dying quickly (yay!).
But I think when James freaking Bond refuses to make a move on you for the whole movie, you've got real issues miss!
Her next movie can very well be, "Alien 5, gay impotent alien meets earth born female in outer space.". Or better yet "Casanova 3. The story about a headache that wouldn't go away and forces him into abstinence, while his new maid tries to find a cure.".

... I think I should better stop it right there...

I've been ... expecting you

Without further ado, I present you the newest member of the command center. Coupled with the internetz it goes a long way. I'll let everyone figure it out from the pic.

(Hint: It's the one on the right...)

Back from ... Paradise

Well, yes, it's been about 3 months since my last post, and I feel really bad about it, but unfortunately chaos got unleashed the moment we returned from a place I can only describe as ... well ... Paradise!

Chillin' on a very beautiful island with secluded beaches which we were able to enjoy all by ourselves really is as wonderful as it sounds. It was a breathtaking experience at times, and I really want to do it again as soon as possible...

What I thought would be more of a shock is that I got to read a book while we were there ... a humongous book ... which I actually enjoyed. When I picked it up it said ... "Now a major movie". I went hmmmm as I can't say the only Bourne movie I saw (the first one, I think) was really that enjoyable to me. But then I said, what the heck, let's give it a try.

The more I read, the more I started to wonder if my memories concerning the movie were correct, so I though once I got back, I had to see that third movie that is supposedly based on this book. So I did, and I was kinda shocked. There is no connection whatsoever between the two, except for the character's name. NONE WHAT SO EVER!

Aw, well, enough about that... I'll end here with another glimpse of the Island... peace!