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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Small Long

Just to be clear from the beginning, I think The Big Short should be taught to children in school. Yes, I know there is cursing and a few boobies in there, but if you're gonna learn about the nature of our society, you'd better become accustomed to hearing the F word being thrown around quite a bit. And you should definitely be prepared to see a few boobies.

Besides the clear educational value, the movie itself is pretty darn good as well. Ryan Gosling plays Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt plays Brat Pitt, and Steve Carell does an amazing impression of Steve Carell. Oh, yeah ... and then there's Christian Bale, who should definitely get an Oscar for his interpretation of Christian Bale. There are also a few other actors in there you've never heard of before ... which is strange, since their acting is definitely top notch.

Then there's the way a movie about Subprimes and CDOs and synthetical CDOs and CSDs and all that wall street crap goes about explaining to you what all that nonsense is. Let's just say that while learning about them you get to see the hot blonde chick from all those recent movies in a bathtub drinking champagne and Selena Gomez playing black-jack. Remember what I said? EDUCATION ... it works ...