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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Say Hello to My Little Friend

It is ... incredibly amazing ... an incredibly amazing monster powerhouse ... a very user friendly monster powerhouse ... but more on that later ... don't have time to blog now ... got a millennium falcon to assemble!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


A few days ago, I happily managed to reach the age of 32 ... so, naturally my friends decided to buy me a ... STAR WARS LEGO isn't that FREAKINGAWESOME!!??????
And,yes, I was wearing that exact amazing Star Wars T-shirt when I got the present. Millennium Falcon YAAAAA!!! But, back to the lego .... We started working on it straight away of course ...
I know what you're thinking ... Vader didn't fight Obiwan INSIDE the Falcon ... and you're right ... but back to the lego ... that stuff just looks like easy peasy ... just put some bricks on top of each other and the thing is there ... well ... thing again, my friends ... think again ....
There's stuff going on in there you'd never dream about ... like for example this next picture here:
See this completely MOBILE arm up there? Well ... it clicks into place on the other side to form a fully IMMOBILE structure, in this case one quarter of the ships' shell ...
... and there are so many other flexible structural elements that merge together into a solid structure ... really amazing stuff ... And YES, that is Darth Vader on top of the (ongoing) Millennium Falcon, just how FREAKINGAMAZING is that ??!!????

As you can see, the emperor would be very much displeased with our apparent lack of progress ... but what can we do? We'll double our efforts ...

You're probably now thinking ... hold on for a second there, mister. You've just turned 32 and you got a ... LEGO? Well, in fact, I will receive another present that is ... much more mature ... much more mature indeed ... and it should be arriving tomorrow, which would be so TOTALLY FREAKINGAWESOME!!!

Update: It arrived!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Star Wars 3D ... kinda

I must admit I was quite confused about the timing of the Star Wars 3D release. After all, the bluberryray version just came out just a few months ago ... So I can only assume that Star Wars geeks like me got the thing ... like I did (actually it was an amazing Christmas gift). And, having got the blurays, I can only assume that people actually watched the movies ... just like I did. But still ... Lucas considered that the army of brainless fans will still gather and go see it in theaters ... like I did.

The pretext, which is the 3D, because in all honesty it is only a pretext, doesn't really shine very bright. I found the lack of in your face 3D stuff ... a bit disturbing. I was expecting Maul to poke my eyes out with his crazy dual sabers, or for the laser shots to fly around me like I'm ...well... there ... Instead, there are some scenes which are kinda 3D, some scenes that are somewhat 3D, and some which are no 3D at all ... But all in all it is quite an immersive  experience, especially during the pod race which really stands out.

So, should anyone go see it in 3D like I did? ... why YES, of course, what kind of a question is that?? It's Star Wars god dammit!!   S T A R     W A R S  !!!!!!! in 3 D ... well ... kinda 3D anyway !!! What more could you want?

I can only hope that everyone will enjoy it as much as I did.

P.S.: I have just now realized that this is my 100th movie blabber ... it was the Force guiding me, it is so clear now !!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mr President

The year has just started and already one month has come and gone ... and I blogged less than Paris Hilton's chihuahua. But, I have to assure you that while my blogging was pathetic, my real life goals were nothing less than ... presidential.

Dear electors, please meet your next ... president:

Well ... sort of ... kinda ... I started a campaign when I heard there are some kind of elections inside my company. I didn't really know what the elections were for, but it looked like the right moment to run for president. After a while, though, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me in a different way. Isolating myself  in a position of power would not help the interests of the very people I am trying so hard to help. By remaining among the people, by fighting the good fight every day alongside them, only this way I could really make a difference. So, in a stroke of what I can only qualify as pure genius I decided to remove all the posters and stop the campaign. ... Actually ... the branch manager somebody tore down my poster from the office walls so I decided it's time to let go...

So, rejoice, my subjects ... fear not ... I will be here ... among you ... REJOICE ...

 P.S.: Many thanks to little sis for helping me kick-start my political career.

 P.P.S.: wink to my colleagues.

Oh ... and since, from I really don't know what reason, people don't see where this is coming from ... here it is ...