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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

iPhone X

Before we begin, full disclaimer, I own and love an HTC One, but I like to believe that I have a non-biased approach as we have an iPhone as well in the family.

The next iPhone seems to be incoming on the 10th of September, but why wait until then when you can know right now what is going to happen? Yes, it is the future, right here ... I know, right??

It looks like Apple will take the same approach as the Moto X from Google for their new iPhone 5C (as in Color most probably) with a highly customizable color scheme that allows you to make your own phone with a pink case and green buttons on it...

Together with the new iOS7 flat and colorful design, I think they might be onto something here.

I always thought the iPhone was a bit too posh for its own good, but then again people that usually buy an iPhone put an apple sticker on their freaking car, which is something I never ever understood. So, this is precisely why Apple will also carry on their current non-plastic aluminium gorilla materials torch with the iPhone 5S. They just may end up selling more 5Cs ...

See for yourself more color combinations at: http://sonnydickson.com/

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Best Drive ... 4 Real this Time

I did a couple of test-drives recently, and came away frustrated with all sorts of stuff ... And then my friend S told me to give the GT86 another shot. So I did... and liked it... like, A LOT... wait, what? like 4 real? Let me explain ...

I approached the test-drive with more confidence this time and less desire for hyper-performance. We had quite a bit of fun on some roundabouts and hooned a bit more on some side-roads. Unlike the other test-drives, A was not feeling sick when we finished ... it was quite a pleasant experience,  we were both just smiling wide and having fun ... So, it was quite good indeed. Everything came together very nicely, the driving position, which is just perfect, the short short gearshift is the shortest I've seen in any car, the steering wheel has absolutely no buttons on it (which is just great) ...  It involves you in a way the other cars I tested just don't. Also, it's playful but makes you work for it, which means that it feels quite rewarding when you manage to pull something off. On top of it all, it looks fabulous, pictures don't really do it justice. It's so low, wide, with a long nose ... it's a real looker. 

This all sounds very good, but what about all that ramblings last year about how it's very so disappointing? Without further delays, I shall be going head to head against the remarks of the big hater (myself). So ... I previously said that:

1."It's slow"
Not much to be said here, this is not the car to impress your friends with monster torque acceleration at a push of a pedal. It takes skill to impress anyone, including yourself, and it will most likely not happen in a straight line...

Uh, that's a tough one to explain. In the Clio RS it's my spleen hugging my stomach telling me we might be in trouble soon. In the 86, it's the car...

They have some discounts going on, so it's a bit more acceptable.

4."CHEAP looking on the inside"
Just focus on the steering wheel, the dials and gear shifter and it'll be just fine. Alcantara seats are not too shabby either.

5."and until we all drift our way around every corner, I'll buy a Clio RS and keep my 7-8k EUR difference thank you very much"
But that mushy interior in the Clio .. yuck ... and the f-ing beeep beeeep shifter ... at ~5k difference like it is now I think it's better to try to drift... at least around one corner ...

6."Or buy a Focus RS and leave it behind wondering if it forgot to turn the engine on..."
That's actually not a bad plan, but remember: with great power comes great responsibility ... the GT86 is so charmingly relaxed in aspirations...  

7."Or, what the heck, I'll just buy a BMW 125d for exactly the same money ..."
Well...That sounded good at the time and the 1 is many things... but, I'm sorry to say, it's not a sports car. It didn't manage to tingle any petrolhead feelings in me. As I was pushing 140 around a long bend I came close to falling asleep. You'd have to get the 135//M, which costs quite a bit more...

And I think that's already too much of my blabbering ... the GT86 ... a cool fun car that doesn't want to rule the world, it just wants to bring a smile to your face ... and a smile came to me after a long time of frustration... so I think we have a winner over here... 4 real this time ...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Wolverine's Butt 2

While casually checking an overview of my blogger, I saw another spike in the hits I get from people searching for Wolverine's butt ... It all makes sense, since there's a brand new Wolverine movie out and, yes, they do show him naked again, and from different angles this time.

Unfortunately, I have hunted high and low and there's no picture to be found online for the best scene of the movie, with him naked in the bathtub. I know, I know, it's very very hard to get over such disappointment, and there's little consolation to be found in the fact that the second movie is about one million times better than the first one. All we can do is hope, that the Wolverine Butt will make another appearance in full glory in the next movie.

Oh, and in case some search engines miss this very highly informative post: Wolverine Butt, Wolverine's Buttocks, Butt of Wolverine, Wolverine naked, Wolverine behind, Naked Wolverine Behind, Naked Wolverine Body .... seems more and more visitors each day find their way here because of these simple and beautiful words.

The Facepalm d'Or 2013

I've been to Cannes recently ... and if there's one thing I learned there is that if you want to hand out awards you should do it during the summer. So I have decided to keep my current awards as a kind of Oscars and to create a new series of awards. I give you:

The FacePalm d'Or

I know ... it's AWESOME, right?? And so, it is with deep honor and pleasure that I present you the first ever winner of my soon to be prestigious award!!

Fast'n'Furios 6 ... or whatever it's called these days ...

This scene was beyond ridiculous ... I face-palmed .... literally and repeatedly ....

To be continued ...