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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Batman + Superman = Love

OK, so it may struggle through a fair amount of mumbo-jumbo in the first and second acts, but BatmanVsSuperman is finally an action packed movie where Batman and Superman clash in a spectacular fashion ... which begs the question ... what the hell were all those disappointed people expecting? 

You have Batman who's kicking ass ... you have Superman who's saving the day ... they fight ... then fight some more ... explosions ... ass kicking ... Wonder Woman ... lasers ... explosions ... the end...

But what about the mumbo-jumbo? Well, there is indeed a problem there. The editing of the movie is ... bad ... very bad ... scenes are cut and jumbled together in a way that makes very little sense. In fact, it makes so little sense that this is one of the very few movies where it is recommended that you go in knowing a whole lot bunch of spoilers. Like the fact that Batman is having these dreams/nightmares and the creatures in his nightmares are linked to a super-villain in the DC universe which is referred to at the end of the movie. It will also help if you know in advance the overall story arc (just watching the trailers should make that pretty clear: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Doomsday).

So, I guess the question I should be answering is ... is this movie worth watching? If you have any kind of interest in Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman, the answer is definitely YES. Even Batman alone makes this movie worth your time. You will cringe quite a bit throughout but the final act is a mega-nerdgasm that should not be missed. If you just want to see a good tense movie ... go watch 10 Cloverfield Lane instead.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Personal Item Missing (AGAIN!!!)

Dear all,

It seems one of you took part of my grenade from my desk without my permission! It is the exploding part, so please take it outside the company office within the next couple of seconds.

This is not the first time that one of my private items "goes missing" so I will also file a formal complaint with HR with regards to this incident.

Yours truly,