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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christopher Nolan just loves to f#$k around with your Head

Yes, I've seen the only movie I was actually looking forward to this year, and Inception was really worth the wait. Nolan does his usual mind confusion stuff and there are some action scenes like the tumble/zero gravity fight that spank any other movie and, yes, I am looking right at you, Matrix.

The idea of the movie is not really that original, so I'm sure everyone is wondering how this all happened. Lucky you, I managed to make a succesful extraction from Nolan's mind a few days ago when we bumped into each other at the spa, so here goes:

[Nolan's house, Nolan meets friend John Warner]

-So, Chris, I was thinking we could do more of your mind stuff in an action movie.
-Yeah, I've had this great idea where we can plunge people in a non-real world, and
-Oh, something like the Matrix...
-[minor shrug]... yeah ... OK, but I'm going way beyond the Matrix, I'll do like the Matrix inside the Matrix and the
-Oh, you mean like in the 13th Floor...
-[shrug] ... yeah ... ook ... well, two levels, that's child play, I'll do 4 levels of Matrix inside the Matrix and there
-Oh, you mean like eXistenZ
-[big shrug] .... F#$k you, John .... throw me a beer ... nobody bothered to see "Existance"

Credits, Best ending ever ... in the movie I mean ... we were back from the memory, did I forget to say that ...

HA, you just got Nolaned. And I rule because I just reinvented googleing.

But I mean it ... the ending is Nolanizing.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Perfect Six

Yes, yes, I know I've been a lazy lazy blogger, but I'm back with this very interesting thing to say ... Did you know that Six is the smallest mathematical pefect number? Well, me neither, but this is true, ask the internetz if you don't believe me, and, yes, of course, this isn't quite what I wanted to say. Six proved to be quite the perfect number for Andreea and me today, because exactly today we celebrate another year of happy marriage together. And what better way to celebrate than a 1 ton loveboat of sushi and a sip of sake? Nope ... nothing better comes to mind...

It's been quite a ride until now for our loveboat, with ups and downs, sudden turns and loops, and I can't wait to see what's coming next for us, be it rain or sunshine.

Kisses and hearts... big hearts ... I'm sure Seven will be just as perfect