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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chillout in Egypt

If you managed to read my previous post about Egypt, you are probably expecting stories of us jumping on alligators or something like this. I'm not going to lie ... during the second part of our trip, we finally did manage to chill out.

Except, of course, for our trip to Cairo, which was ... you know ... wake up at 2 am, travel one hundred hours ... that kind of stuff. But this was basically the main reason of the whole Egypt trip, at least from my point of view, as I've always been fascinated with the pyramids and have wanted to see them live. First contact was pretty darn impressive...

From within the city, you can see them far off in the distance ... reigning on the horizon over the landscape of what seems to be a far more primitive culture ... It is then, when placed against the crowded but crippled Cairo skyline, that you can truly understand how only GREAT things are meant to last.

We did take our share of beautiful photos with the pyramids, so here are a couple of my favourites.

We even entered the medium one. It was small, crowded, and claustrophobic.

Next up was the Sphinx, which was remarkably pretty as well. Some pretty photos followed ...

It was a tiresome day, but it was definitely worth it.

For the rest couple of days, there were no more one day long trips, no crazy hopping around on alligators ... It was just amazing food, great sun, delicious orange juice and a swimming pool ...

... and Andreea jumping around

... and a couple of crazy tuc-tucs

.... oh, and a crazy cat.

And then, as another journey ended, a new one began ...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Robin Who?

I saw this movie the other day with this guy called Robin Longstride which goes actually by the name of Robert Loxey and finally ends up by being called Robin Wood or something like that ... looks like it has something to do with that Robin Hood guy. In then end I was a bit confused and a bit bored.

I'm being more and more convinced that Hollywood works in strange but familiar ways. In fact, I started a little short script of my own. Here goes:

[Ridley Scott's House]
Mr RS walking around,  phone rings, RS picks up.
- Hi, Ridley, what's up?
- Russel? How's it going dude?
- Great, great ... you know ... Hey, remember that movie we did a while ago, where I had to do a lot of sword fighting and horseback riding? I really miss that...
- Well ... you know Russel ... we've had this discussion before ... it's hard to sequel that, you know ... you *cough* died in the end...
- Oh ... right ...
- How about a Robin Hood movie? I'm kinda looking into that for my next project...
- Hmmm ... Robin Hood ... that sounds OK, BUT ... from what I recall he runs around the forest and shoots arrows ... not really what I had in mind ...
- Hey, what if I let you have a couple of sword fights and you get to ride a big white beautiful horse?
- Thanks a lot, Rid. Knew I can count on you. Will you let me keep the lady this time around?
- We'll see ... drop by tomorrow.
- I'll grab some Whoopers on the way.
- Sounds great.
[click sound ... Scene ends]

... Hollywood here I come ...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Butt Kick

I have recently seen this movie called "Kick Ass" ... I was expecting it to kick ass really really hard ... and it does ... sometimes ... other times it's just a lame teenager movie.

It's quite surprising actually just how good some of the action scenes are, they kicked ass like nothing I've seen before. It has some of the best action scenes I've seen in quite some time. However, the rest of the movie doesn't really kick ass, as it is often plain old boring and the humor is not quite my cup of tea.

All in all it was pretty good fun, so I'd say it's worth about 2 hours of your time... if you don't have anything else which is very special to be done... and want to see something that kicks ass.

Oh, there was one thing which kicked ass pretty hard ... the Music.

Did I mention the title is Kick Ass?

"Chillout" in Egypt

Yes ... that's correct ... "chillout" with a big pair of quotes. Why the quotes? Well ... here we go...

Day 1
After a very stressful and vacationless time, we finally had the oportunity to just sit down for a change and enjoy the beauty of the place. So, naturally, for the first day we woke up at 7am and we

By lunchtime I was
By afternoon we were

The rest of the day is a bit fuzzy but it involved about one tone of food ... so here comes ...
From the desert, to a splash in the sea ... and when I say splash I mean
suit up and jump in, boy

kind of splash... By lunchtime I was
By afternoon we were

Yeah, scuba rullez hard. And a ton of food later came...
What? Rest? Rest is for woosies ... how about a wake up call at 3am and a trip to Luxor?
It started with a couple of

But, too much bus travel can ... well ... by lunchtime, we were
By afternoon I was

Which takes us to ... another ton of food, and then to ... Day 4 ... but that's coming up in a short while ...