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Friday, May 7, 2010

"Chillout" in Egypt

Yes ... that's correct ... "chillout" with a big pair of quotes. Why the quotes? Well ... here we go...

Day 1
After a very stressful and vacationless time, we finally had the oportunity to just sit down for a change and enjoy the beauty of the place. So, naturally, for the first day we woke up at 7am and we

By lunchtime I was
By afternoon we were

The rest of the day is a bit fuzzy but it involved about one tone of food ... so here comes ...
From the desert, to a splash in the sea ... and when I say splash I mean
suit up and jump in, boy

kind of splash... By lunchtime I was
By afternoon we were

Yeah, scuba rullez hard. And a ton of food later came...
What? Rest? Rest is for woosies ... how about a wake up call at 3am and a trip to Luxor?
It started with a couple of

But, too much bus travel can ... well ... by lunchtime, we were
By afternoon I was

Which takes us to ... another ton of food, and then to ... Day 4 ... but that's coming up in a short while ...

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