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Monday, May 4, 2009

Wolverine shows his Butt

That's probably the most interesting thing you'll get to see in this movie. I can't really decide if that's a good thing or not ... since Wolverine's butt is quite an interesting thing to see. As for the rest of the movie, unfortunately it doesn't rise above the Popcorn excuse rating. The action scenes are sometimes out of place, but there are some interesting moments, like when this guy slices a bullet in half ... or when Wolverine jumps out of the container slicing and dicing and showing us his butt. The character is underdeveloped, he keeps talking about the animal inside without ever really showing it and other stuff like that, but we do get a glimpse of some very deep intimate stuff ... when we get to see his butt.

How does this movie tie up with the first X-Men when Wolverine fights his brother's character all over again? I have no idea ...

Did I mention that for the mere price of an admission ticket you get to see Wolverine's butt?

Oh, and I don't wanna spoil anything for you but didn't any of the producers think that the image above is kinda going to spoil the MAJOR plot twist in the end somehow? ... apparently not ...

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha loved waht you said about the MAJOR plot! hehehe but at the end, i think his butt definitely WAS the BEST part of the movie. I'm not saying the movie was bad, just that his butt is perfect!