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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trekking ... Star Trekking ...

Although it may seem like it, I didn't make this myself in paint ... it's actually the new poster for the next Star Trek movie that's coming out next year ... late next year as it seems. If you peeked on my Mully blog you may have figured out I am somewhat of a Star Trekkie, so I am looking forward to this, especially since J.J. Lost Abrams has something to do with this ... although the script is quite obvious. The Enterprise breaks down and they crash land on a tropical paradise planet, except things are not quite what they seem. I think we all know what happens next... Oh, and the ship is separated in two before it crashes...

The Dark Knight is really coming ... soon ...

First of all, as a reminder, I brought you the super secret sneak peek trailer months ago ... now those suckers from different movie sites got to see something that's not even half as good as what I posted ... but, it's Dark Knight news so here it is ...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Harry .... Dirty Harry

I like Harry Potter ... he's my kind of guy (NOT)... Get them chicks diggin' ya', get your 'wet' business done with them, and then dump'em in the middle of poop trouble. Then pull out your wand light saber thingie and start blowing s#it up, cause you just feel like doin' it! Lot of $hit got blown up, and that's what I like in a movie ... BIG colorful EXPLOSIONS. And I loved them light sabering fights in the end. Haven't had this much fun since Obi-Wan got sliced and diced by Darth Vader in Star Wars IV. Of course, I nearly fell asleep during the movie for a couple of times, but the ending woke me up just in time to go home.

And I can't believe I missed posting about Die Hard four point zero... Now, THAT's a movie full of explosions. The U S of A can sleep untroubled with this guy on the job. This guy is so tough he would send Superman running home for his money with his cape shoved inside his butt. There's just no thing and no one that would stand between John McLane and the peace and comfort of the American people ... not even his own self ... get it? ... eaahh ... maybe when you'll see how he kills the bad guy (I hope I didn't just spoil the ending for you) you'll get what I'm talking about ... Long live John McLane!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hurray, for the third time in a row.

Apparently this year hasn't been so good to third installments ... Like Shrek the throw up third ... Spider crap man 3 ... and so on ... But good things do get a third anniversary that sends them thriving towards the next ones. And this is what we got yesterday! Three years of marriage and we're looking forward to the 100th. It's triple hurray and I really want to use the opportunity to declare once again my love for my beautiful, stunningly extraordinary wife! Me loves you mucho mucho! :-*

Monday, July 23, 2007

Michael Bay made The Island of Crap

I can't believe I actually hoped that Transformers would be a good movie ... Would have I seen The Island, such a big mistake I would have done not ... Sorry bout that ... I'm still just a little puzzled about how the plucking hell can you enter as a PRISONER in a super secret mega guarded facility with a GUN (yes, I just said a GUN) in your freaking TROUSERS !?!?!?! ... And that's just one small very small plot hole compared to other plot CANYONS that we get from what I now like to call The Island of Crap. That's how the movie should have been named. I just cannot believe what a retard Michael Bay is ... it is simply and purely beyond my comprehension. And I don't even want to start with the acting of the female character ... like, omfg, I understand she was voted sexiest woman alive by a bunch of morons, but her acting is a lame joke.

Watching this movie was pure pain ...

Never again will I see a Michael Bay movie ... maybe just Transformers2...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I didn't land on my back ...

Some people asked me if I landed on my back in the picture from the Vacation post ... well, actually, I didn't, and here is the backdive on "tape" ...

video games top 10s

Video games are fun fun fun ... and here are a couple of very funny lineups

Top 10 ways to die in a video game

Top Ten Worst Movie Games

and my favorite ... Top Ten Star Wars Games

JK2 really is one of the best games ever and you really get to be a Jedi ... oh yeah ... as for Tie fighter ... it is also one of the best games ever made! ... did I mention Star Wars is cool?

guilty as charged

Well ... ok ... so kill me, but I took the car to 5k this morning ... it was sweet, but I am waiting for it to loosen up a little more. You really need to be careful when accelerating this thing, cause you jump over 100Km/h before you know it. Once the camera comes back from vacation (:P) I just gotta put a movie with the exhaust whistle ... it's fabulous!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

hottie shootout

I love the Clio 197 ... love the looks ... love the performance everyone keeps talking about ... And then came the Corsa OPC. It looked like the catfight was ready to begin ... and here it is

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The vacation

Mmmkay ... It's time to get to the vacation ...

As I said before, I was in vacation in Russia. Uhm... did I say Russia? I meant Turkey .. or at least that's what the travel agency said. But it's a little difficult to know you're in Turkey, when every freaking one is speaking Russian. When everybody looks at you with an amazed expression on their face the moment you say 'thanks' instead of 'spasiva'. But ignoring this, it was nice ... great sun ... great swimming pool ... just the two of us.

Lady in red ...

I've been on vacation ... in Russia Turkey. But more on that later ...

Somebody was waiting when we returned ... Yes ... after almost one month of delay ... the lady in red is here ... and it blew my expectations away. I was so stunned that I didn't even get to take a picture yet. It's like whoa whoa whoa! Them BIG anthracite wheels with them red Brembo drilled disks brakes made me stand astonished by the looks of this thing. And the COLOR ... The color is pure genius. You gotta see it to believe it. But enough about the looks. The interior is TIGHT all leather, very very nice. And we press the START button .... grrrrrr .... I was expecting maybe a little bit more than the GTI (in which you wonder if you turned on the engine) and it really is a bit more ... You can actually hear the engine, but it's not loud. Driving is also extremely nice, the gear change is much better than I expected, the pedal feel, steering feel, ride feel are all excellent. It's a car you actually feel and that's what I was worried I won't get. For the moment we are behaving for at least 1000 - 2000 Km.

The machine made quite an impression, and we welcomed a new member into the family. I'll be back with pics on the subject, after I manage to stop looking at it like a dork.

More on the vacation in the following post ...

Later Edit:
I went to the car to check out the mp3 player and it works very nicely. Nice sound too ... And i finally managed to take a few pics ... she's already dirty... sigh.
And, as I said, the pics really don't do her justice...

Monday, July 2, 2007

Boy, oh, Bay ...

Well ... I can't really say I was disappointed by Transformers ... it was a cool movie, but I can't help wondering what happened back there, Mr. Bay? This guy made that Armageddon thingie*, which almost ended with the world blowing up. Where did all the suspense go in the ending of this movie? Was it taking a leak, or what? The movie starts very very nice building up and we get WOW , and triple WOW moments before half time. But, afterwards it's just occasional WOWs until the end.

I was expecting something a little less childish ... and was that transformers hiding in the garden scene pathetic or what?

I also saw the Silver Surfer movie (there were also the Fantastic 4 around), and I can say it exceeded my indeed extremely low expectations. Considering the first Fantastic 4 movie**, I must say Mr. Story indeed learned a few lessons. The movie is not as cool as Transformers, but it makes for a good popcorn excuse.

**double crap