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Friday, August 13, 2010

Bordel, c'est pas trop tôt!!

Ah ouiii!! I've had an excellent great surprise today when Andreea popped up this from her purse:

No, not the Pleo and not the Vaio, the other thingie. Yessss, I am a lucky garçon ... And je suis content, because my Starcraft 2 copy (yes, my Starcraft 2) is in FRENCH. Hourrra for the french, I could download the game in english from blizzard, but it's waaay to funny like this ... So far the game looks and plays just as what I was hoping for, so I'm happy to report that Blizzard didn't make a big bordel de merde out of the franchise.

Bon sang, oui je suis content!!

Go ahead ... zoom in on the picture ... you know you wanna see what a baneling is called in french ...

Later Edit: Mmmmyeah ... SC2 is (re)installing .... in English ...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Karate Kick

I saw this amazingly cool movie a few days ago. It's about children kicking each other repeateadly and that's cool because let's face it, there's just not enough child violence in movies these days. I feel like I could bring more to the franchise. In fact, I was so inspired that I designed some posters for the upcoming sequel:

Yeah, that's me in the picture, and YES, I really am a NINJA JEDI MASTER. Hollywood should start calling any minute. In fact, you'd better start saving up for:

No joke, the kid really gets kicked in the second sequel.

Monday, August 2, 2010


There it is ... inceptionizing ... just like nolanizing only it sounds a bit cooler ... I think... What's inceptionizing, you say? Well ... probably the fact I'm not sure anyone really understood what the hack happened with all those jumping up and down between different dream levels. Apparently some guys believe they got it and made a visual illustration ...

... hmmm ... nope ... I still don't quite get it ...

But do you want to know what's even more inceptionizing?

This tube right here:

And it seems they even did it on purpose ...

Wow ... I've been nolaned.