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Monday, May 25, 2009


Here is another 3D movie ... which I saw in 2D. And seeing Coraline in 2D is like seeing a BlueRay movie on a non-HD screen. The movie is ok, but you know that you probably should have spent that extra money to get the full experience (not that I had any choice).

The movie was maybe a little boring at first, but it comes around and delivers a pleasant experience, something a little different from all the animation Pixars we keep seeing over and over again ...

Maybe you should go check it out.

Sad but True

Probably like just about any software developer/senior developer/team leader/manager who went through this kind of situation, I had a bitter smile on my face when seeing this ... So do please enjoy ...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Storm Tr00prz in da haus'

This made me feel a little better after seeing that Star Trek movie... Now, THIS is the movie I would like to see!

Boom yaa!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The One Buttoc Way

I really liked this man and what he had to say ... and I thought I should keep it here, share it, and maybe look at it again in a couple of years ... His name is Benjamin Zander and I wish you a pleasant viewing ...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Star Trek : Charlie Foxtrot

I was pretty pumped up about this one ... The action, the adventure, it even had Eric Bana! I was trying hard to imagine what could possibly go wrong ... Well, just about everything did. A classic case of Charile Foxtrot ... in theaters now!

I can't put my finger on it, but the movie and I didn't bond. Even the first scene which is overkill in terms of drama. A mother giving birth while the father is dying ... it's pure dramatic poetry ... and I was not impressed at all ... Was it the music? Was it the directing? ... Who knows? Foxtrot number 1.

Later on, I kinda liked the T. Kirk character, until the screenwriter decided that Star Wars was "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away"-enough to remake the scene with Luke running around in the snow ... Foxtrot number 2.

And since I brough up that scene ... What are the chances that two people crash land on a planet in just about the same place? A whole darn PLANET, darn it! "Oh, how did you find me?" I was just thinking the same thing ... Foxtrot number 3.

Eric Bana started off as this very upset character who wants revenge for something ... and he remained like this for the rest of the movie. Upset, revenge, GRRRrrr. Bad guy, just so you know for sure who the bad guy is, a very boring and uninteresting character ... played by Eric Bana .... Foxtrot number 4.

Writing a prequel is sensitive stuff ... you must know what you are doing so that it goes with the rest of the story. Or do you? Apparently not, as this movie happens in a now parallel time line to the original series, and everything will be different from what was supposed to happen in the original time line ... get it? Anyway, why would you want to tell a story about how things started, if you are not gonna start the things? Foxtrot number 5.

It's nice from time to time during a movie to get a small tiny surprise in the plot line ... some twists and turns that you didn't expect. Well, it's not the case, as things flow from one point to another in a very predictable and boring manner. No twists ... no surprises ... just predictable .... Foxtrot number 6.

The camera was shaken not stirred ... Apparently it's the new thing from JJAbrams as previously seen in Clovermonster or whatever the name of that other mess he made a while ago ... and it's also my Foxtrot number 7.

I think I can stop there ... Is it very bad? Actually, no... Is it bad? well, more like just plain old boring actually...

Idiots on a Plane

I'm going to try something so bare with me ... Close your eyes ... or better not ... imagine ...

Imagine you're on a plane. Captain has turned on the seat belts sign and you are beginning your descent. The flight was OK. Not much longer now until we reach the comfort of solid ground. Yeap, you see the airstrip ... not longer now ... It seems everything is fine, no winds ... everything is quite OK ... almost there ... yeap ... the wheels are almost on the ground ... SIR YOU MUST SIT DOWN NOW !!! ... what tha'? what was that? SIR!! SIT DOWN NOOWWWW!!!! ... wait a darn minute ... that's the flight attendant ... what the heck is going on?? ... An idiot passes by you running towards the toilet. SIT DOWN !!! AARARAAGGHHH!!! The plane lands with a thump, and the idiot is luckily(?) propelled in one of the staff seats in the back of the plane (unfortunately) ...

The discussion that followed between the flight staff and the idiot brought back early kindergarten memories ...

geesh ... idiots ... I've had about enough of them ...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wolverine shows his Butt

That's probably the most interesting thing you'll get to see in this movie. I can't really decide if that's a good thing or not ... since Wolverine's butt is quite an interesting thing to see. As for the rest of the movie, unfortunately it doesn't rise above the Popcorn excuse rating. The action scenes are sometimes out of place, but there are some interesting moments, like when this guy slices a bullet in half ... or when Wolverine jumps out of the container slicing and dicing and showing us his butt. The character is underdeveloped, he keeps talking about the animal inside without ever really showing it and other stuff like that, but we do get a glimpse of some very deep intimate stuff ... when we get to see his butt.

How does this movie tie up with the first X-Men when Wolverine fights his brother's character all over again? I have no idea ...

Did I mention that for the mere price of an admission ticket you get to see Wolverine's butt?

Oh, and I don't wanna spoil anything for you but didn't any of the producers think that the image above is kinda going to spoil the MAJOR plot twist in the end somehow? ... apparently not ...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Officially in Love with Paris

I've been wondering lately if my memories of Paris are correct ... Do I really like the place as much as I think I do? There was only one way to solve the mystery. We went to Paris ... AGAIN. And the mystery has been solved. I am officially in love with Paris!

The city is struggling because of the number of tourists that go there, but also because of local inhabitants. It's becoming more and more crowded ... and more and more dirty ... But, yet, it still has that je ne sais quoi, that touches me each time I go there. There's such a positive energy covering the place, and the people are so relaxed. It's not a ubiquitous utopia, and there are some areas you should try and avoid, but in general there is a general positive vibe in the air.

The food is just great. There is this place called the Cartier Latin with a small street filled with restaurants where you can't really miss. There's some good food also on the Champs Elysee. I'm not the coffee/croissant guy, so for breakfast, I recommend waiting until about 10 o'clock when they bring out the sandwiches.

Since we don't have any lying around, we had to revisit the IMAX at the Geode. It was exciting, as usual, and I do recommend going there as well.

And we could not miss, of course, DISNEYLAND. Since this was my 4th or 5th time there, I'll write another post about it, with tips and tricks from my extended experience.

I'll end with some pics...

... roses are red ...

I'm gonna buy myself a creppe!

some more beautiful flowers...

Andreea is blending in ...

Chillin' in Jardin de Luxembourg

All hail mother Africa!

The Tower was amazing! ... as usual ...