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Friday, May 30, 2014

A Public Service

Well, it's hardly a public service , but I feel like although I've lived in Luxembourg for the past 4 years or so I haven't done anything for this place. I mean a real public contribution, something that would make a difference for the local community, something that future generations may look upon and say "where would we be without the Scullder's blog???".

Step no further, for today it starts my friends. And without further blabber I would like to start a pubic debate related to the following statue that all tourists come and see in the wonderful capital of Luxembourg city.

Yes, it clearly marks the salute of a great leader towards his loyal subjects and also we can admire his greatness. Can you see it?


look ... CLOSER... hello there big guy!

Yes, I know the picture is no good, but this is why I am calling out to my fellow citizens, let's all rally and take one clear BIG photo of ... this thing ... we need to debate people, WE NEED TO DEBAAATEEE!!! ...

mmyeah, slow Firday, I know ...