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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Got Candy?

Last night I attended what will probably remain the only concert Madonna will ever perform in Romania. Without going into some of the bigger problems like the dust and the overcrowd, I think the show was quite good. I certainly enjoyed the music, with all the house and rocky remixes. It was top notch from the sound quality to the blasting lasers, and it went from start to finish without any deviations from the very tightly established plan. And that was probably one of it's biggest problems. There was no real interaction between the public and the singer, and the atmosphere was pretty cold, or at least colder that it should have been. The moment when Madonna confused Romanians with Romanes didn't help either, as it brought up some massive boo-ing from the audience. All in all I think it was quite an impressive show.

And oh yeah ... Madonna is a muscle monster ... two hours and she didn't break a sweat ... geesh ...

And oh yeah ... Paul Okenfold was around too ... and he kinda sucked ...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Memento + Matrix = ?

Christopher Nolan is great. Memento, Batman reboot, this guy is top notch. I actually like Leonardo DiCaprio also, despite Titanic. So, naturally, I'm really looking forward to this movie over here:

I hope they use guns ... lots of guns ... get it?

Titanic in Space

About everyone who is more interested in movies and stuff knows that James Cameron, the man with a plan, the maker of the highest grossing movie of all time TITANIC, is currently working on a super secret epic project to be filmed in an all new never before seen technology and screened in IMAX 3D 10D mega surround with some kind of new glasses, and the project is called Avatar. After quite some time without any official information, a trailer has been put online, and it shattered one download record after another. Apparently the movie is some kind of Aliens with Night Elves, but more on that after the ... trailer:

The CGI appears top notch and I'm sure we'll be all impressed to awe by the technological progress of modern movie making, BUT ... the story looks so darn predictable and so we've seen this a zillion times before. I will go ahead and starting from that trailer spoil the entire movie for you: Sam Worthington reprises his role from the Terminator as the (unknowing) infiltrator, but the "twist" is that this time he falls in love with one of the targets and turns against his own creators and thus a big battle with lots of special effects takes place. Oh, and in the end he dies ... tragically. But this is not THE END because they are planning for sequels, prequels, spinoffs, videogames and lots and lots of TOYS! Darn ... I feel like I just told you exactly what happens in Terminator Salvation ...

Aliens with Night Elves ... that sounded pretty good eh? ... blah...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Master Drum and Bass Warriors

I love Stanton Warriors, they're like THE GREATEST! I remember them making a huge impression on me back in the days of the assido da bass remix, and I think they're still kicking major bongos.

More mayhem by following this link: LINK

Friday, August 21, 2009


mmmmmmmmkay .... I found the courage to watch this yesterday. After reading some reviews, I was expecting either to throw up, close my eyes, or at least to smack the monitor in disgust(yep, bootleged version). I was expecting such a parade of Johnsons on the screen that I would believe it's the family reunion. Not being a big fan of Borat didn't help much either. Surprise, surprise, none of these things happened.

The movie starts out pretty strong, and the absolutely outrageous scene with the focus group is without doubt the best of the whole movie. The EXCLUSIVE interview with Harisson Ford really made me lol, and the Bruno Dance really made me lmao. The best thing about this scene is that it gets the desired results. The people in the focus group REACT to it. It all starts going downhill from there, and the end is truly pathetic. Bruno simply cannot create the REACTIONS he would like to. People are simply not that shocked or upset about his (outrageous) actions, quite on the contrary I would say. There are some finer humor scenes like when parents would accept their kids to play with napalm "as long as they get the job", but unfortunately it's too little too late.

The bottom line is that, unlike Borat (which I didn't even really like), this movie fails. It fails big time. It's down right boring and only 75 minutes long. That's got to be some kind of a record.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

eRe - Aah - eMe - Ooh - eNe - Ee

Oh boy, I saw this crazy stupid movie last night, and it cracked me up BIG TIME. In the pic above you can see Ramone, who impressed me so much I had to name this post after him ... you simply gotta watch him throughout the credits at the end of the movie.

And now coming back to the main characters ... I like Ryan Raynolds very much. I mean, the guy plays Deadpool AND Green Lantern. What more could you want? I also like Sandra Bullock .. but then again, I can't imagine anyone doesn't. So, the movie was set to be entertaining. And surprisingly it really was. It is without doubt the best comedy I've seen in a long loong time. It's actually more a comedy than a romantic comedy, and that's probably why it's actually funny.

And before you go running into theaters to watch it (which I think you definitely should), take 5 and watch the following clip, you'll thank me when you see the movie.

Oh, and if anyone makes out what Ramone says in the end, please do tell...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

1,2,3 ... Come to New York !

I saw this movie called The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 last night, and I think it is a very very good New York commercial. We get to see the very good and reliable metro, the impressive skyline, the feel of the streets, the top notch law enforcers, the bridges, and even that great helicopter ride, which you can do too for a reasonable price! The movie really got me thinking again about New York and how I would like to go there again sometime. It's just one of those places that stay with you, it has an unique appeal to it that makes it an unforgettable city.

So, not a bad movie, great cast ... yes, the commercial worked, I want to go there ... like now!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Coco après Amélie & Chéri

I don't know where this world is going ... I get bored at movies that have more special effects than Disneyland, I don't get bored at movies that have no explosions in them ... I'm confused ... I liked this movie more than I expected to, and I actually think it's maybe the best movie I've seen this year.

Amélie does a great role as Coco, but she still remains Amélie, no doubt about that.

And since we are talking about non-explosions movies ... I also saw this movie called Chéri earlier on ...

This was an even bigger surprise ... I was expecting to crawl out of the theater sleeping at the end of the movie, but the movie was pretty good, and Michelle Pfeiffer looks like really good. You gotta admire her natural appearance.

So much for boring European movies. I am so confused, I managed a rime up there in the title ...

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Flying ... donkey

Since I mentioned our brand new scooter in that previous crazy post, I thought I should introduce the little bugger to everyone... Here it is:

It's a Sym Mio 50, and it's ahhhh so cuuuute. 50cc's don't get you nowhere fast, but that's not really the point. All the reviews I found on the internetz were very favorable, and we got it for a super discount. It is a looker, and a lot of people asked me about it... Where is it made? Is it a Vespa? Is it a Vespa? Well, it's not a Vespa, not even a Vespa ripoff, it's actually a Honda ripoff. Considering this is our first scooter, I though the learning curve should involve something much less expensive and also something with little power. And speaking of which, I thought I could just strap on and go the moment it arrives. I was wrong, as it took me a little riding to get the hang of it. By now, I'm ok with riding even in medium traffic conditions, and maybe will use it sometime soon to come to work ... maybe.

Here is another pic of mio little honkey donkey ... I love it.


Some of may notice, but that's not me in the picture. But it sure as heck felt like that yesterday, when we did the ski-jet thingie for the very first time. I have no idea what fire breathing steroid pumped monster it was packing, but it was the biggest mofo sky-jet I've seen and it was FAST. And when I say FAST, I mean it was the first time in my life I didn't have the courage to pull on that acceleration to the max, and I am a little bit of an acceleration junkie. It is quite a big jump from our 50cc scooter, so probably a learning curve should be taken into account, but damn, that thing accelerated like nothing I've ever felt before ... maybe except the Rock'n'Roller coaster which goes to 100Km/h in about 2.8 seconds pulling 4.5g's. But it felt pretty darn close ...

The biggie waves didn't help make the ride smooth, as we had some big air jumps, probably pretty close to the pic above. Andreea kept the atmosphere hot from the backseat screaming like there was no tomorrow throughout the whole thing ... coming to think of it I don't think she was the only person screaming on that ski-jet.

After getting off that satanic tool I was happy to be alive and swore to myself I would never ride such a darn thing again ... now I can't wait to get back on that crazy monster once again ...