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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friends with dirty Benefits

Some time ago I saw this awful awful movie where a guy and a girl try to be friends who do the dirty dirty thingie without having a proper relationship ... When I found out that somebody's making a mirror movie with the mirror of Natalie Portman I vowed not in a million years to go see it.
So, of course, I went to see Friends with Benefits last week ... in my defense, I was actually hoping to see Shark Attack 3D or whatever the name is ... mmmyeah ... what I meant was that I just had to see Justin Timberlake banging Mila Kunis .... maybe it's better just to skip all apologies and proceed ...

The Story ... Not much to tell here, two people humping repeatedly and finally falling in love ... only in Friends with Benefits it's just ... better ...  

Her ... Mila Kunis manages to hang on to her Natalie Portman mirror status, so I would put the two on par...

Him ... I guess the difference was made by Justin ... because he's about one gazillion times better than Ashton Kutcher played by Ashton Kutcher...

Woody Harrelson... wait, say what? There was no Woody Harrelson in No Script Attached ... yes, that's exactly my point, that's probably why it sucked so bad ...

So, should you go see Friends with Benefits if you already saw No Script Attached? Yup, you will not regret it ... in fact there are a couple of very strong reasons for watching the movie like seeing Justin naked .... or Mila naked ... or both together naked ... just don't be too disappointed when you find out it wasn't actually Mila's butt ...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Puppets with M

Remember the Muppets?

Well, apparently there's a movie coming out, and it has a bunch of trailers ... for other movies ... it's quite a funny way of promoting the movie since I hate how others just spoil it and give you the only 2 minutes actually worth seeing.

There's a bunch of these but here they are all together. If this is a lazy Friday, enjoy!

Hangover 2

Green lantern

Some random romantic comedy ...

The girl with the dragon tatoo

Actually ... I was kidding, there is also a real trailer, here it is ...

Myeah, maybe it would have been better to stick with the parody teasers ...

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Royal Hamster

Following the departure of our mad baboon, we were left riding the donkey for a couple of weeks. But, the waiting is over, and here is the new .... hamster (?).

As seen here invading the small roads of Luxembourg, our hamster is white, topless and has a ... royal appeal ... which I think can be better seen in the next pic.

Oh boy, finally some royalty I can like cause I can't stand royal families ... except the Grand Duke's, which is quite cool.

Long live the ... hamster! It has already won our hearts.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Rollin'

While looking at the HEAVY GREY clouds sitting 10 meters above my head, I remembered that there was this ONE day a while ago when we could do this:

Ahhh ... funky donkey ... rest well in the garage, my friend ... your time will come again ... but maybe not very soon ....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I believe I can fly?

Wanna se something quite impressive? Take a look at the vid below:

Now, that's impressive... but you know what would be even more impressive (yes it is possible)?

That thing above streaming 3D cam to this:

I can't wait till we all have implants in our brains and can't get off the couch 'cause we're too lazy or fat to do anything for real...

Superman's ... New Costume

While looking at that pic above, I bet we're all thinking the same thing ... Shouldn't Superman have a BIGGER S on his chest?? Then there's the problem of the missing red panties ... I don't know why but I think it downplays his ... visual impact. It's just not hitting you in the face HARD enough, know what I mean?

Does anyone have a spare potato on hand?