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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Once again I must ask too much of you, Andreea...

Fact: Andreea fell asleep in the cinema during the last Harry Potter movies. So, after reading some opinions on the internetz that this is the most boring one of them all, I was expecting her to sleep throughout the entire sitting. I was almost wrong ... She did wake up, during the more exciting (less boring) sceneS. Yeap, there were more than one less boring scene, two to be more precise.

In order to better explain the situation I will draw a graph.

Here is how a normal movie should play out, X is time, and Y is the excitement scale.

We get some at the beginning, the movie then plays out, some excitement in the middle of the movie so that we don't fall asleep, then some more yada yada yada, and then we get the big climatic scene in the end. Simple, right?

Now here is how our old mister Potter played out ...

You can clearly spot the two less boring scenes in the graph...

I can't really classify this as a Harry Potter movie, or even as a movie. There was absolutely not climax, no FINAL SCENE, nothing ... It was boooooring as heck and, as much as I would like to, that's a fact I simply can't deny.

Guess I'll have to wait some more for that Harry Potter movie where in the end he wields the dual magic wands and blasts them away at the now defeated after a giant battle Voldemort yelling " Arava Kadavra Motherf#####%ker! "

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ready, Set, ... wait 2 months

Plane tickets to Tokyo check, Japan Visas check, we're just about ready to leave for Tokyo. Only it's gonna happen two months from now. I'm pretty pumped up about it. I even started to learn some Japanese, maybe I'll know by then how to ask "Donde est el bagno?".

Anyway, I don't think they will run out of sake and sushi by then, so I'm cool.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Idiots on a Plane II

From the mind boggling creators of Idiots on a Plane comes the brain blasting sequel, Idiots on a Plane II. This is without any doubt the BEST SEQUEL OF ALL TIME!! I saw this event when going to Zakynthos, and I must say I was blown away!! It was very much like part 1, except the idiot starts walking around when THE PLANE TAKES OFF. Just how nonexistent can one's brain be?? They'd better start taking IQ tests before handing you over that ticket.

Coming to an airplane near you soon probably ... and unfortunately.


Well, long time no seen, but the new job really squeezes the juice out of me. This morning I decided enough is enough and it's about time I post this...

For the summer vacation we decided to go see this wrecked-up ship lots of people are taking pictures of and posting them in the Internetz. The place is called zAkynthos, and please say it with a full accent on the A. It wasn't paradise but it was GREAT!

zAkynthos is an absolutely beautiful island in the Ionic sea, which has just about everything for everybody. From silent and beautiful nature retreats, to noisy clubbing alcoholic teenagers, you want it, you gottit.

I, for one, prefer this:

.. but, heck, that's just me, so if you wanna club till morning, don't be bothered by this post ;).

It was a trip full of adventures. We checked out multiple beaches , took the cruise around the island, went to see the all so famous shipwreck, went to see the lovely turtles, read a couple of books, and drove not less than three distinct convertible vehicles. It was actually some kind of automotive treat for myself, but more on that later. Oh, yes, and we had a quick encounter with little Johnny over here...

Actually, more on all of that later, as it's time to get back to work. I'll leave you with some pics:

another pic of us ... and the shipwreck, of course

Andreea facing CHAOS, and YES that is a McDonalds over there

Kickit - CTIJ