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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Loire Experience

So, what has been cooking? I haven't been able to keep up with current events since I'm ... well ... working ... But enough about that and back to cooking. We've recently and finally been on vacation on the Loire Valley. We had some good food (and some bad food), we drank a lot of wine and visited some castles. It was quite nice and so here comes my new mini-series:

* Pitstop in Paris
* Food and Whine in Blois
* The Blairwitch Project
* Castles, lots of Castles
* Cullinary Jackpot
* Salt&Peppa
* It's a kind of Magic
* Leo's Crib
* Chartres and back

 I'll try to keep up ...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Stop looking at my Butt

... or at least this is what Wolverine would say if he knew what's happening with this blog. I am confused to report that over 60 people have landed on this blog by searching for wolverine's butt. In fact, so many people landed here that I am currently ranked NUMBER ONE on Google if you run a search for his butt. Wolverine's butt, that is.

How bout that, Wolverine?

Hey, don't hate tha playa, hate tha game ...

Engineers can dance!

Yea,dude, but I already knew that since I am an Engineer  ... anyway ... it's official now, and you can watch Step Up 3D if you don't take my word for it.

See that? BOOM, that's Engineering baby... in your face! Yea...

But speaking of Step Up 3D , I recently went through what I can only imagine you feel after you accidentaly buy a brand new squeeky cool pair of Abibas. Yeah ... aBiBas!! I went to see this movie called Street Dance 3D, completetly convinced that it is Step Up 3D. I mean, the second Step Up had something with the Street in the name ... Well ... bottom line was ... aBiBas name, aBiBas quality. Step Up 3D should win an Oscar compared to that poohie movie.

So anyway ... Step Up 3D ... great dance moves, prety cool 3D, crap acting, horrible script ... exactly what you would expect ...

Now I'll go back to my engineering business ... which is perfectly cool because it doesn't mean I can't bust it like the cool guys if I wanna.