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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clash of 300

Apparently some people are running out of ideas ... In fact this takes the whole running out of ideas thing to a whole new level ...

I mean ... COMMON!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hollywood's Hangover

See that guy in the picture who has a monkey sitting on him? That's Hollywood right there ... a drunk beaten up poor guy who's had too much to drink and has no f clue where he is or what he should do. Lucky enough these days, if you say f0#k enough times, put a monkey on your head, give a douchy looking guy a crazy tatoo on the face and bring a freako staring maniac along, there will be a bunch of people lining up to watch the s#it that's going down.

I found the first Hangover to be mildly entertaining, so I can't say I remember any of it. This was quite fortunate because the second one seems to be just like the first, only shot in Bangkok. This, of course, changes any Las Vegas jokes, like getting married to a hooker, to the asian version, which means doing the reverse cowgirl with a big boobied asian hooker who is actually a man... Take that, change the baby for a monkey, and you're basically all set for a new big bucks success.

In the end you are left with a boring movie that makes a lot of DIRTY sex jokes and has an ending even more stupid and predictably sugar sweet than No Strings Attached ... Yes ... it's THAT bad. The pics from the credits were probably the single most funny moment from the movie...

Ahh, damn it, Hollywood ... get your s#it together for crying out loud ...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Star Wars + Kinect = LoveFail

Right about now some very lucky people are attending the E3 conference. To cut to the chase I was really waiting to be impressed by the new Kinect game called Star Wars Kinect.

It looks ... amazingly crap ... unfortunately ... I mean common ... LIGHTSABER ON? wtf is that all about??

You know what looks better than that ?.... this guy right here:

Yeah ... I don't have much love for Microsoft ...

X-Men - Best Class

I was a little concerned when the movie started last evening ... X-Men First Class starts with the exact same scene as X-Men, which I consider to be the best movie of the X-Men Franchise (and it doesn't even need to show any Wolverine Butt to do that). So, as I was sitting there I thought to myself that maybe these guys are over-ambitious, as the last X-movies were fairly disappointing. It was challenge accepted from the first second and it was not an easy one. I found myself wondering from the start ... Could this movie turn out to be the best movie of the franchise?

The movie then started going deeper and deeper into character development ... into setting the atmosphere ... I was quite surprised as the movie carried along. The balance between character development and action scenes was spot on, acting was TOP notch, effects were very good,  things were exceeding my expectations at almost every step. It is a movie that absorbed me like I was not expecting it to ... and very rarely let me go. At the end, it was not a question any more.I had just watched the best X-Men movie ...yet.

Another thing that I really liked is that this movie performs a jump kick in the face of Hollywood. You have good actors around there (the lead performances are really good), you have good directors (no plot holes or over the top idiotic moments), just start putting out some DECENT movies for Christ sake ... yes ... you can ...

P.S. I don't wanna spoil it so I won't, but there is a moment which made me laugh ... hard. I'm still giggling when thinking about it. You'll know it when you see it.

We had to go Back!

Get it? ... like in Lost ... ? No?

Anyway, we've just returned from yet another absolutely FABULOUS holiday to our favorite PARADISE Island. It was so amazing I really don't want to encourage anyone elese to go there as I hope that place will stay as it is forever (yeah, sorry bout that).

It is a place of clear blue waters, lots of sunshine and, most of all, utter serenity.

I'll try to post more details about our adventure as it was really amazing. Unfortunately, work is anything BUT serene these days ... Coming back was like a kick in the groin. Well ... at least is wasn't like a punch in the face, which is just what Santorini was when we got there for a pitstop on the way home. But, more on that ... later ... soon I hope...