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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pot just got old!

Since I've never had a thing for hallucinogenic experiences I've never lived such sensations, so I can only imagine this is what pot is like ... but I bet this has much more kick to it!

In case you didn't already figure this out I'm not talking about any new drugoholic new coctail. It's a movie ... they say ... It's ... THIS :

Just try looking at the pic for more than 3 seconds and then imagine looking at it on a huge screen for two hours and a half ...

Now that's some serious s#|t!

TinMan gets the Job done!

In an unbelievable turn of events, a movie finally appeared and managed to entertain, just like a superhero action movie should.
Yup, TinMan has done it, when hopes for a decent popcorn superhero movie almost went away. He shot lasers and missiles, flew (almost) into outer space and battled what witnesses described to be "a giant robot monster". I declare it to be the best superhero movie ... yet...

And in perfect Hollywood style for the sequel they decided to change the writer for the script ... way to go, morons!

...wishful thinking

I hate bears ... When the weather is wicked, they go hide in their cave and suck their thumbs (both hands and feet, I presume) without a care in the world ... dreaming about giant beehives filled with honey ... pumped with honey ... sweet and yellow honey ... and another thumb they suck ...

Ignorance is bliss ...