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Friday, August 17, 2012

A Sink ... A Lamp

A lamp or a sink? An almost Shakespearean question... what would you expect above your nightstand and would it really make a difference? Ask yourself this for the answer may prove to be more elusive than you might think. Or at least so it was for a hotel manager that was very confused when we complained that we found one instead of the other above our nightstand and asked us what is the difference as you are usually asleep in the hotel room ... At this point I got really pissed and started shouting... Thinking back on it now, I am ashamed.... she did have a very good point ... what does it matter while you are sleeping, your eyes are closed, right?

We ended up not paying for the room so I guess I should recommend this hotel (but shame on me, I'm not going to). In our case it was a sink instead of a lamp, but I guess you can complain either way and not pay in the end ... after all, a sink ... a lamp ... what's the difference?