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Friday, May 14, 2010

Robin Who?

I saw this movie the other day with this guy called Robin Longstride which goes actually by the name of Robert Loxey and finally ends up by being called Robin Wood or something like that ... looks like it has something to do with that Robin Hood guy. In then end I was a bit confused and a bit bored.

I'm being more and more convinced that Hollywood works in strange but familiar ways. In fact, I started a little short script of my own. Here goes:

[Ridley Scott's House]
Mr RS walking around,  phone rings, RS picks up.
- Hi, Ridley, what's up?
- Russel? How's it going dude?
- Great, great ... you know ... Hey, remember that movie we did a while ago, where I had to do a lot of sword fighting and horseback riding? I really miss that...
- Well ... you know Russel ... we've had this discussion before ... it's hard to sequel that, you know ... you *cough* died in the end...
- Oh ... right ...
- How about a Robin Hood movie? I'm kinda looking into that for my next project...
- Hmmm ... Robin Hood ... that sounds OK, BUT ... from what I recall he runs around the forest and shoots arrows ... not really what I had in mind ...
- Hey, what if I let you have a couple of sword fights and you get to ride a big white beautiful horse?
- Thanks a lot, Rid. Knew I can count on you. Will you let me keep the lady this time around?
- We'll see ... drop by tomorrow.
- I'll grab some Whoopers on the way.
- Sounds great.
[click sound ... Scene ends]

... Hollywood here I come ...

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