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Friday, December 4, 2009

Drift King

Yes ... it's time ... you cannot talk about Japan without mentioning the CARS. And I'm not talking about the boxy city car microvans. I'm talking about all the tuned up or stock crazy cars you would expect to find there. I was hoping to find some kind of proof that the night scene is as crazy as they say ... and I kinda did in the end. I saw some amazing GTRs, a few EVOs and STIs, and a few of what is maybe my favourite ... Silvia. And I don't mean the huge spoilers kind, I mean the slick tires, slick styling, racy exhaust, racy suspension kind. But let me start this up properly.

Japan is well known as being a major tuning market. It's common knowledge that people tune up their cars big time. What is not common knowledge is that most of the tuned up cars in Japan look like this:

Yeap, minivans. They tune minivans. They tune minivans like crazy. You see this kind of tuning everywhere.

Besides this, the JDM market has it's fare share of stock representation with EVOs, STIs and GTRs. They're not as common as tuned up minivans, but you get to see quite a few as well. I caught an STI in Shirakawa-go and took a couple of pretty pics.

If you really wait for it, you can get a glimpse into what is probably a very busy night time racing scene. I wasn't the automotive spy with my camera ready to catch each one of thse quite rare moments, but ... I did catch one which I'm really proud of:

Yes ... it's a Silvia. And I love it. This was inside a private parking, so I didn't want to take too many photos. If you will look closely you will see the details that give away the good habbits of the owner. Duck tape stiching near the rear tire, four ripped out (and I mean really ripped out) tires thrown behind the car, this is the closest I ever got to Japan's Drift King.

Close enough for me ...
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