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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dinner in Space

When you think of Tokyo, you usually expect crazy neon lights, manga people, tall buildings and flying spaceships. Arriving back in Tokyo we realized that this is not so very far from the truth. The hotel where we stayed was located in West Shinjuku, a well knows business area, and we got a room at the twenty freaking second floor. Very small room, minuscule window with a curtain. Opening the curtain brought back memories of the WOW moment on Folegandros and it's breath taking cliff side.
Talk about a room with a view. We were literally inches away from the abyss, and yet it felt quite safe.

The building on the left is a government building that you can visit for free. It goes all the way up to the 45th floor, so, of course, we went there.

Tokyo, viewed from the top, is quite impressive. It is HUGE, spreading out as far as the eye can see and probably beyond. And if you like these photos check out the ones from New York which are just as impressive.

While returning from our short trip to the outer skirts of our atmosphere, we saw the very nice location of the restaurant on the top floor of our hotel. Wide window, top floor, no brainer.

M came to visit and say good bye and after that, as it was our last night in Japan, we though it would be very nice to have a romantic dinner, on top of Tokyo, and we did. The food was pretty good, but the best thing was the view.

With sake in our glasses and Tokyo at our feet, this was the perfect ending to an AMAZING trip.

I'm not sure how we are ever going to top off going to Japan. Maybe a trip to Saturn ... who knows?

Go see Japan!
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