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Friday, October 2, 2009

Back from a parallel Universe

HA! And we're back! Japan has been A M A Z I N G ! It's a so totally different place. It's fascinating and I will blog it all here, giving tips and tricks, photos, info etcetera...

Here's the Table Of Contents I laid out:
* The Golden Route
* Jet Lag Masters
* First Contact
* How do you spell WTH in Japanese?
* Shinkansen banzaaai
* Big Bow ... Wow
* Lovable Takayama
* Karate Time
* Go 2 Shirakawa Go
* Little house JR
* The Golden Tea
* A couple of Kyoto temples
* The House of GOLD
* Zen Gardens, Great Food
* THE Rocky Zen(?) Garden
* A Thousand Orange Gates
* Big Budha, LOTS of Deer
* Tokyo Basics
* Pachinko is the work of Satan
* Pillow LUV
* Drift King
* M & J
* Hachikō ...
* Dinner in Space

Finally completed. Enjoy!

 First episode


edi said...

is it a case of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvjML3-66SA ?

Scullder said...

lolz, it's not quite a heart stealing place as it's a little cold, but the video gives a pretty accurate image about the craziness there