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Monday, October 26, 2009

THE Rocky Zen(?) Garden

While you can find many Zen gardens in Kyoto, rocky, mossy, etc. as I've posted before, apparently there is this one garden that is the best of them all. It is the most abstract garden, made with stone, and the interpretation of the garden layout's is entirely up to ... you.

Apparently by analizing the layout of the rocks through a complex virtual model some scientists discovered that the layout is similar to that of a branching tree ... uhm mkay ...

I've tried and tried, although not very hard, and basically ... I'm still trying ...

I've come to the conclusion that actually it's just a matter of watching, not getting it, and relaxing your mind ... 

It was so nice and quiet and relaxing and  ... ZEN tranquility ... oh, really? Well, actually not quite, because the place is crawling with Japanese students, which, besides being very noisy, want to talk to you and take pictures with you as if you were the tourist attraction there ... The children are nice and funny, and they gave us some very lovely hand made postcards, but I must admit, by the fourth group that was coming towards us, I was beginning to start wanting to avoid them.

Here's a pic with us and group number three, cheers!

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raisercostin said...

If 4 times is too much celebrity, imagine Angelina Jolie's life.