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Monday, October 12, 2009

Little house JR (金沢)

Little house JR means Kanazawa, as we learned the hard way while trying HARD to find a bus to the train station which was close to our hotel. They have a samurai district, a geisha district, a ninja temple and a place where you can drink tea made from gold (?!).
Getting around should be done by bus. The tour bus has a one day pass which is great. They come every 12 minutes and take you everywhere you want to go.

The samurai district is pretty different from the old houses in Takayama with thick walls blocking unwanted visitors.

In one of these houses we saw the third most beautiful garden from Japan.

Shhhhhshht ... the samurai master may be around ... and do take a look at these footsteps ... this was someone's house (!?)

The geisha district is ah so cosy. The colors are a little different as well, with red dominating the rooms.

I would have loved to post some pictures with the ninja temple, but what do you know... Know anyone to take a picture of a ninja and live? Neither do I ...

More on the golden tea coming up next...
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