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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Golden Route

The first idea of going to Japan was actually the idea of going to Tokyo, where we would meet my good friend M. The problem is Andreea and I aren't quite the kind of people who can just hang around in one place for too long, so A started scooping around. When browsing the official japan tourism site, she stumbled upon a few suggestions and the plan started to take shape. It would have been a pity to go all the way to Japan and see only Tokyo, the monster metropolis with the biggest population on the planet. It really would have been a shame to miss all those Shogun nature and tradition beautiful moments. The route we chose would look something like this:

The source is here and I will lay out our own 12 days version of their suggestion.

Day1-2:Tokyo - A short quickie contact with the monster
Day3:Takayama - A very nice small traditional city would do nice
Day4:Shirakawa-go (night in Kanazawa) - Traditional villages don't get better than this
Day5:Kanazawa/Kyoto - Another small city pit stop on the way to Kyoto (they've got a Geisha district so yaay :P )
Day6-8:Kyoto - The temple monster, this should be very interesting.
Day9:Nara/Tokyo - Temple pit stop this time on the way back to Tokyo
Day10-12:Tokyo - A few more days to explore the wild side of Japan

The golden route is set ... let's proceed...

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