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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Flying ... donkey

Since I mentioned our brand new scooter in that previous crazy post, I thought I should introduce the little bugger to everyone... Here it is:

It's a Sym Mio 50, and it's ahhhh so cuuuute. 50cc's don't get you nowhere fast, but that's not really the point. All the reviews I found on the internetz were very favorable, and we got it for a super discount. It is a looker, and a lot of people asked me about it... Where is it made? Is it a Vespa? Is it a Vespa? Well, it's not a Vespa, not even a Vespa ripoff, it's actually a Honda ripoff. Considering this is our first scooter, I though the learning curve should involve something much less expensive and also something with little power. And speaking of which, I thought I could just strap on and go the moment it arrives. I was wrong, as it took me a little riding to get the hang of it. By now, I'm ok with riding even in medium traffic conditions, and maybe will use it sometime soon to come to work ... maybe.

Here is another pic of mio little honkey donkey ... I love it.

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