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Thursday, August 20, 2009

eRe - Aah - eMe - Ooh - eNe - Ee

Oh boy, I saw this crazy stupid movie last night, and it cracked me up BIG TIME. In the pic above you can see Ramone, who impressed me so much I had to name this post after him ... you simply gotta watch him throughout the credits at the end of the movie.

And now coming back to the main characters ... I like Ryan Raynolds very much. I mean, the guy plays Deadpool AND Green Lantern. What more could you want? I also like Sandra Bullock .. but then again, I can't imagine anyone doesn't. So, the movie was set to be entertaining. And surprisingly it really was. It is without doubt the best comedy I've seen in a long loong time. It's actually more a comedy than a romantic comedy, and that's probably why it's actually funny.

And before you go running into theaters to watch it (which I think you definitely should), take 5 and watch the following clip, you'll thank me when you see the movie.

Oh, and if anyone makes out what Ramone says in the end, please do tell...

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