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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Got Candy?

Last night I attended what will probably remain the only concert Madonna will ever perform in Romania. Without going into some of the bigger problems like the dust and the overcrowd, I think the show was quite good. I certainly enjoyed the music, with all the house and rocky remixes. It was top notch from the sound quality to the blasting lasers, and it went from start to finish without any deviations from the very tightly established plan. And that was probably one of it's biggest problems. There was no real interaction between the public and the singer, and the atmosphere was pretty cold, or at least colder that it should have been. The moment when Madonna confused Romanians with Romanes didn't help either, as it brought up some massive boo-ing from the audience. All in all I think it was quite an impressive show.

And oh yeah ... Madonna is a muscle monster ... two hours and she didn't break a sweat ... geesh ...

And oh yeah ... Paul Okenfold was around too ... and he kinda sucked ...

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