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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Titanic in Space

About everyone who is more interested in movies and stuff knows that James Cameron, the man with a plan, the maker of the highest grossing movie of all time TITANIC, is currently working on a super secret epic project to be filmed in an all new never before seen technology and screened in IMAX 3D 10D mega surround with some kind of new glasses, and the project is called Avatar. After quite some time without any official information, a trailer has been put online, and it shattered one download record after another. Apparently the movie is some kind of Aliens with Night Elves, but more on that after the ... trailer:

The CGI appears top notch and I'm sure we'll be all impressed to awe by the technological progress of modern movie making, BUT ... the story looks so darn predictable and so we've seen this a zillion times before. I will go ahead and starting from that trailer spoil the entire movie for you: Sam Worthington reprises his role from the Terminator as the (unknowing) infiltrator, but the "twist" is that this time he falls in love with one of the targets and turns against his own creators and thus a big battle with lots of special effects takes place. Oh, and in the end he dies ... tragically. But this is not THE END because they are planning for sequels, prequels, spinoffs, videogames and lots and lots of TOYS! Darn ... I feel like I just told you exactly what happens in Terminator Salvation ...

Aliens with Night Elves ... that sounded pretty good eh? ... blah...

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