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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Movie of Eli

See that guy? His name is Eli, and he will chop your hand off if you stink and touch him. If you stink like really REALLY bad then and only then he will take out his big bad shotgun from his backpack and blow you into smithereens. Oh, did I mention there's a movie out about this guy? And not a bad one may I add ... It's called "The Book of Eli". I have absolutely no idea why it's called the book since it's a movie ... ah whatever ...

Not only is this a(nother) good movie with Denzel, but I think this is probably the first good Fallout movie, like the smart people on the internetz notices right away.
I don't mind that.

What I did mind a little was the catwalk appearance of the awwww sooo beautiful next Angelina Jolie appearance who almost managed to blow the movie away but thank God Denzel was there to stop her from doing it of this girl called Mila Kunis or something like that. Just take a look:
Is Angelina out into Fallout land looking to adopt some more babies? Something's definitely not right in that picture. I mean common ... it's Fallout land ... bombs ... chaos ... horror ... bah.

Anyway ... The story is pretty smart and the movie is pretty well made, but the movie is not really that pretty... get it?


Edi said...

if you want a post-apocalyptic movie done right, go see "The Road" with Viggo Mortensen.
I could not watch it till the end, very tough :(

Scullder said...

Children of Men ... that's a tough one to watch ... I'll go check out The Road as well :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so first time I saw this movie I thought of "I am Legend". Reading your review, makes me sure of that :)