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Friday, February 19, 2010


Yes, today is a big day. It is my birthday, and not just any birthday, it is my 30th birthday. From now on I won't be able to tell people I'm twenty something ... but I'm fine with that. I thought about it and I will leave the midlife crisis for my 40th birthday, when I will have such a need to feel young that I will simply have to buy myself a Nissan GTR. Sounds like an amazing plan to me!
Coming back to today, I am however thinking about my life, its ups and downs, wondering if I've learned anything so far ... and the answer is surprisingly YES.
But enough blabbering... I've decided to gather up a few pictures ... so here they are:
the Kitty Kat

our 11th trip to Paris ... just kidding... I think this was our first trip together @ Disneyland

talking about Paris(different trip, of course) ... my first sushi ... yummy

the trip to the States ... I keep thinking about that

escape ...

... to Paradise

Karate in Japan

just look at that color ...

There are of course so many more moments like our adventure in Morocco (of which I don't have any pics with me) ... but I can't and I don't want to  put it all in pictures in a small  post ...

Later edit: Andreea has some pics from Morocco on facebook so here goes one of them:

And did I mention my previous blog? I think I did, but anyway here it is again.

It's been quite interesting so far ... who knows what will happen next? Adventure! Suspense! Stay tuned!


irina said...

La multi ani, Ghe! am dat de blogul tau de pe facebook-ul lui Andrei Iles. si mi-am permis sa arunc o privire!

Andreea said...

Happy birthday!!!

mariamirabela said...

Happy V3.0 Birthday!

Any party?

Did you write on the blog about the trip to States?

Scullder said...

multumesc multumesc :D

SUA trip: http://scullder.blogspot.com/search/label/USA

Scullder said...

hehe Irina da-mi un add pe Facebook nu ma prind daca esti tu acolo printre contactele lui Andrei