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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Best Restaurant in Bucharest

This is my 200th post (yay) so it should be something interesting. So, why not share what I think is the best restaurant in Bucharest? I was thinking of writing something about sushi (addict over here), but I'll do that another time.

So, that's a pretty big statement right there, the BEST restaurant in Bucharest. Let me explain first what I am looking for in a restaurant. It's ... QUALITY first, quantity second. I don't care too much about quantity, and this is a problem in the local restaurants, where you usually get a full platter of something that's not really THAT great. Without further ado, the place which I consider to be the BEST restaurant in Bucharest is:

That's an ugly pic, I know, but I was too busy EATING to take pictures. They have:  the best onion soup I've ever had, the beeest "chicken salad" and the most delicious tartines. The way you can feel every flavor, the fact you can tell the vegetables were fresh and tasty, it all comes together like nothing I've sampled before ... at least in Bucharest. So, yes, the food is very delicious, but what will really knock your socks off is THE DESERT. I've tried three different deserts and I'm still thinking about them. Oh, and do grab a cappuccino while you're at it. Do check out their website (it's where I got the ugly pic from) for more details like location etc...

So here it is. Darn it ... I just drooled all over my keyboard.

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