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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Who the heck is Paul Reveere?

Now here's the deal ... the USA don't have many years of history, and we all know it. But, when you get a tour guide of the city, they need to show you things, right? So what they do is they give you all sorts of very interesting details ... Like, for instance, did you know that Paul Reveere bought his first ice cream when he was five at the corner of 5th and 24th? Or that he first held a shovel when he visited the grave near the port? Or that he first though of building a church while buying bread from that very store? now that's all VERY INTERESTING, I thought to myself, but WHO THE HECK IS PAUL REVEERE?

And leaving Paul Reveere aside, the city of Boston is very very nice. It is my favorite American city without a doubt... I'll put on some pics later on. I was even there when the Boston Tea Party caught fire AGAIN.Yap, I was right there. It was kinda fun in the beginning but got a little freaky when it became hard to breathe because of the smoke ... again, I'll post the pics later on ... don't have them out ... yet.

LE. them pics are up ... there's Paul on the right ... and the Tea Party on fire ... and Boston ...

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