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Monday, September 10, 2007

back from Mars

Well, it's not actually Mars, but it sounded more impressive like this, so I thought what the heck ... I'll start writing my Memoires from the US of A shortly ... there are many things that need to be said ... I'll put some pics also to show off my new camera, the S5 IS. For the moment I will just note that I am back and well ...

Let the 'US of A Memoires' begin ...
I'll post some sort of contents here (note that it is a work in progress and may suffer changes):
* Kings of the JetLag
* Who the heck is Paul Reveere?
* Streets of Philadelphia
* George DoubleU's house is white
* The Tale of the HUMONGOUS Milkshake
* iLove
* The Apple is big and sour
* Artsie Fartsie
* The road to Chinatown
* Riding the Chopper
* Famous and Friendly
* The Island of Peace

Later Edit: I am starting to add them pics ... Here's life on Mars (S5 only with the color swap on). There's Andreea (hearts) frightened of the Martians in the bushes, and Donca, my aunt, who's not afraid of them green midgets...

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