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Monday, July 23, 2007

Michael Bay made The Island of Crap

I can't believe I actually hoped that Transformers would be a good movie ... Would have I seen The Island, such a big mistake I would have done not ... Sorry bout that ... I'm still just a little puzzled about how the plucking hell can you enter as a PRISONER in a super secret mega guarded facility with a GUN (yes, I just said a GUN) in your freaking TROUSERS !?!?!?! ... And that's just one small very small plot hole compared to other plot CANYONS that we get from what I now like to call The Island of Crap. That's how the movie should have been named. I just cannot believe what a retard Michael Bay is ... it is simply and purely beyond my comprehension. And I don't even want to start with the acting of the female character ... like, omfg, I understand she was voted sexiest woman alive by a bunch of morons, but her acting is a lame joke.

Watching this movie was pure pain ...

Never again will I see a Michael Bay movie ... maybe just Transformers2...

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