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Monday, July 2, 2007

Boy, oh, Bay ...

Well ... I can't really say I was disappointed by Transformers ... it was a cool movie, but I can't help wondering what happened back there, Mr. Bay? This guy made that Armageddon thingie*, which almost ended with the world blowing up. Where did all the suspense go in the ending of this movie? Was it taking a leak, or what? The movie starts very very nice building up and we get WOW , and triple WOW moments before half time. But, afterwards it's just occasional WOWs until the end.

I was expecting something a little less childish ... and was that transformers hiding in the garden scene pathetic or what?

I also saw the Silver Surfer movie (there were also the Fantastic 4 around), and I can say it exceeded my indeed extremely low expectations. Considering the first Fantastic 4 movie**, I must say Mr. Story indeed learned a few lessons. The movie is not as cool as Transformers, but it makes for a good popcorn excuse.

**double crap

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