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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Harry .... Dirty Harry

I like Harry Potter ... he's my kind of guy (NOT)... Get them chicks diggin' ya', get your 'wet' business done with them, and then dump'em in the middle of poop trouble. Then pull out your wand light saber thingie and start blowing s#it up, cause you just feel like doin' it! Lot of $hit got blown up, and that's what I like in a movie ... BIG colorful EXPLOSIONS. And I loved them light sabering fights in the end. Haven't had this much fun since Obi-Wan got sliced and diced by Darth Vader in Star Wars IV. Of course, I nearly fell asleep during the movie for a couple of times, but the ending woke me up just in time to go home.

And I can't believe I missed posting about Die Hard four point zero... Now, THAT's a movie full of explosions. The U S of A can sleep untroubled with this guy on the job. This guy is so tough he would send Superman running home for his money with his cape shoved inside his butt. There's just no thing and no one that would stand between John McLane and the peace and comfort of the American people ... not even his own self ... get it? ... eaahh ... maybe when you'll see how he kills the bad guy (I hope I didn't just spoil the ending for you) you'll get what I'm talking about ... Long live John McLane!

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