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Monday, November 7, 2011

A Shocking Difference

So ... after two weeks we are back from Thailand! It was quite amazing and I hope to manage to blog about it all right here. Uhm ... what was that, sorry? The pic is not from Thailand ... yeah, about that ... step into my office for a few minutes.

For our first day back we decided to clear our heads and went on a short trip to Germany to visit some castle there...

It was an impressive building in the mountains, and we had a short hike through the woods, when we took some pretty pics as well as stretched our legs.

Once inside the castle we realized that you could only visit on a guided tour. Which should be OK... only we were in a group of 20 germans and the guide locked the door with the key and then went on for about 20 minutes blabbering in ... german (doh) ... Which was bad enough, but things got worse when I decided to take a closer look at our new German friends as I really didn't have anything better to do. I noticed that in my vicinity I had a couple of reverse-smiling cyborg ice queens accompanied by their male vorg counterparts. They seldom came out of silence with precise questions about the year in which the archbishop of Cologne went on to do something way to unimportant for me not to instantly forget and every time they "smiled" I could feel a shiver going up my spine. I couldn't help remembering our driver from the tuc-tuc just the day before in Bangkok. He was so happy about ... everything ... telling us in sign language how the water was up to around here in that area over there at some point and then asked some happy people in another tuc-tuc next to us where they were staying and then told us laughing that we should go see the ping-pong match. He kept telling us all kinds of jokes before he dropped us off and drove on further in the half crazy trafic...

Somewhere ... something ... went ... wrong?

So yeah ... that's something I'm still thinking about ... Gute Fahrt!

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