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Monday, November 21, 2011

Food Contact

So, I already wrote what I did before and after, and, after two weeks of not sitting on my butt and doing nothing, here comes the true story of what went down in Thailand ... There was adventure, excitement and reeelaxiation but probably most of all ... there was FOOD!

But let me back up a bit ... After a couple of flights and almost one day later we landed in Chang Mai. We took a taxi to our nice hotel, and this was the first time we noticed something I may blabber about a couple of times over here: contrast ... but more on that later. It was already evening, and, as my incredible advisor D. told me, in Chang Mai this is the moment you need to go towards the night market and stop along the way to eat. And eat we did ... the contact with the crowded market is a bit fuzzy in my mind as is the bar with cheeky girls we passed along the way, but what I remember is that we had an amazing dinner. It is only this moment that I remember as ... first contact.

fishy fishy ... and its ##$! spicy sauce ...

We ate all sorts of many things, some (much) more spicier than others. Chang beer flew and the incredible sticky rice with mango topped it off ... it was a real burp... and all this royal treat for about 5 eur /  person ... y a y !

Later on the girls got a quick foot massage during which we took a sneak peak around, where we saw some pretty lame muai thai fighting, bars, drinks and .... deep fried bugs.
fried bugs make thai woman happy
I didn't get a clear shot ... maybe it's for the best...

So here we were ... a bunch of confused tourists walking the back alleys of Chang Mai after a 24 hours trip ... the atmosphere in the air was very positive and the food was great. It had proven to be a very good first evening out into welcoming Thailand, and the best ... was yet to come ...

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