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Monday, November 28, 2011


After hearing about the movie Drive and watching some sneak peeks of a couple of scenes I was very decided that this is a movie I must see ... that it is the movie I have been waiting for since ... well ... quite some time now. Apparently, a bunch of other people had the same feeling, only they were expecting to see either the follow-up to their previously favorite blockbuster

Or maybe the first episode in the rumoured spinoff movies following the exploding amazing success of adrenaline pumping action packing 

Well ... the GOOD news is that, after watching the movie, one of those people decided to open a law suit against the producers of Drive as it did not meeting her very high expectations. So for all you people out there hoping to see some fast pace action including but not limited to Vin Diesel jumping from one rooftop to another shooting three pistols and throwing five grenades at the same time while driving a good old fashioned muscle car ... wait for the next Fast and Furious ... or you may feel like filing a lawsuit ...

For anyone else, go see Drive if you want to see what is probably the best movie of the decade... if only for the music ... or the guy ...

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