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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We had to go Back!

Get it? ... like in Lost ... ? No?

Anyway, we've just returned from yet another absolutely FABULOUS holiday to our favorite PARADISE Island. It was so amazing I really don't want to encourage anyone elese to go there as I hope that place will stay as it is forever (yeah, sorry bout that).

It is a place of clear blue waters, lots of sunshine and, most of all, utter serenity.

I'll try to post more details about our adventure as it was really amazing. Unfortunately, work is anything BUT serene these days ... Coming back was like a kick in the groin. Well ... at least is wasn't like a punch in the face, which is just what Santorini was when we got there for a pitstop on the way home. But, more on that ... later ... soon I hope...

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