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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

X-Men - Best Class

I was a little concerned when the movie started last evening ... X-Men First Class starts with the exact same scene as X-Men, which I consider to be the best movie of the X-Men Franchise (and it doesn't even need to show any Wolverine Butt to do that). So, as I was sitting there I thought to myself that maybe these guys are over-ambitious, as the last X-movies were fairly disappointing. It was challenge accepted from the first second and it was not an easy one. I found myself wondering from the start ... Could this movie turn out to be the best movie of the franchise?

The movie then started going deeper and deeper into character development ... into setting the atmosphere ... I was quite surprised as the movie carried along. The balance between character development and action scenes was spot on, acting was TOP notch, effects were very good,  things were exceeding my expectations at almost every step. It is a movie that absorbed me like I was not expecting it to ... and very rarely let me go. At the end, it was not a question any more.I had just watched the best X-Men movie ...yet.

Another thing that I really liked is that this movie performs a jump kick in the face of Hollywood. You have good actors around there (the lead performances are really good), you have good directors (no plot holes or over the top idiotic moments), just start putting out some DECENT movies for Christ sake ... yes ... you can ...

P.S. I don't wanna spoil it so I won't, but there is a moment which made me laugh ... hard. I'm still giggling when thinking about it. You'll know it when you see it.

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