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Monday, April 11, 2011

3DS Crackdown

Well, it's hardly a crackdown as I spent only a few minutes playing around with the thing, but here's my 2 cents on what I think are the three top interests regarding the device:

1. The 3D (doh)
I was really wondering if the glass-less 3D works. Basically, it was the only thing I wanted to check when I got a hold of it, the next two questions surprisingly came up afterwards.
I was quite shocked, actually. It really works. It is really really good. I was playing Street Fighter, so I can't say if all games are that good in terms of 3D, but the graphics and the 3D effect really blew me away. My eyes had little trouble concentrating at first, but at one point it clicked and I was even able to move the screen around and see the 3D perfectly.

2. The controls
Unexpectedly, I found myself evaluating the much praised analog mini-stick(on the left, above the cross-control) and comparing it to my PSP. The left-side stick is actually my favorite control scheme for Mortal Kombat, so I did also compare with my PS3 controller. I was quite shocked, actually. The 3DS mini-stick is ... crap. The material they chose is slippery and the feel of the thing put me off. I ended up using the buttons.

3. People claiming headaches after playing
Yes, if you know a thing or two about 3DS you probably heard people are complaining of having vision problems after the 3D and even headaches. I dismissed those stories after reading them, as I though some people just don't handle 3D that well, but unfortunately I did have some small dizzyness problems after a few minutes of play. I dont' know, maybe it's just me being a woss...

So, the crackdown... the 3DS looks amazing, has non-spectacular controls and can make you feel dizzy. As good as it looks, I would not buy one for myself ... or for any (other) child for that matter.

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