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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Ka' ... the KA' ... whatever...

So, I finally got around to see the Ka' kin' Ka' kin' Ka' King's Speech. I was expecting to fall asleep... I was wrong.

I for one really don't appreciate at all the idea of royalty and royal family. I don't wanna go into it but these people's predecessors chopped a bit too many heads for my taste to act all high and clean and mighty, so I could consider myself quite a hostile spectator for this move

Despite my prejudices I was quite captivated by the story and although I will not become a royal fan anytime soon, I found Bertie's character to be quite interesting and likable. What I found more amazing than the story was the movie itself. It is possibly the first time in a few years that I can honestly say that I've seen an Oscar worthy movie. The acting is superb, directing top notch, and the story is paced very very well. The ending was also quite surprising as the movie was set to fail in an over the top Hollywood idiotic moment ... but it doesn't.

The movie is really great, so I'm quite glad I gave it a shot.

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